The artist Helt Sort


Helt Sort (Danish for “Completely Black”) is the artist alias for Christian Løgstrup, born in 1963. Helt Sort is an award-winning designer, art director and – not least – very engaged and active artist with a strong focus on modern contemporary pop art with a twist of surrealism.

"Creating and sharing art is my mission; my visions, my passion"

Helt Sort lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you are interested in exhibiting Helt Sort’s works in a gallery or other organization locally or internationally, you are welcome to contact the artist directly. For further information please visit the Contact page.


    Group Exhibition at Jarsbo Contemporary Art, Aalborg, June 2016.
    Artistic Decoration of the company Pentia, Copenhagen, August 2016.
    Featured Artist by Saatchi Art, www, September 2016.
    Artist Interview by Favotell, London, October 2016.
    Appointed "Artist of the Month" by Artboost (.com), www, January 2017.
    Artist Interview (Danish) by Into My Mind, Copenhagen, January 2017.
    Featured Artist by Snop Art, www, March 2017.
    Solo Exhibition at Infomedia, Copenhagen, March/April 2017.
    Artistic Decoration of 45 Steakhouses, Scandinavia, April 2017.
    Featured Artist by Saatchi Art, www, May 2017.
    Launch of cooperation with Illux Art, www, June 2017.
    Selected Artist by Rami's Artists Gallery, Turkey, June 2017.

    Stay tuned!